Frequently Asked Questions


This should be the first step of any project, big or small. It is a free service and can help with obtaining useful information of what underground assets are in the area. Once you have lodged a Dial Before You Dig, you should search the Dial Before You Dig Certified Locators list and contact your nearest certified locator.

Whenever a contractor or even homeowner decides to do any type of excavation, they run the risk of striking underground assets. Not only can this be costly, a severed or damaged asset can cause serious injury or death. Gas pipes can explode, and electrical cables may cause fires or electrocution.

Once you have obtained your DBYD information, a certified locator will come out to site and perform a series of steps, this will ensure all underground assets in the area are located and you can go about your project safely.

To ensure the locator has done his/her job correctly, they may pot-hole the underground assets to ensure their locations are correct and the contractor or homeowner can physically see the asset/s.

Why use a Certified Locator?

Certified Locators are certified by industry experts to distinguish them from “DIY” or self-authorised underground asset locators.

Hiring a DIY or self-authorised locator that is not DBYD certified may be putting your business, yourself, and even your community at risk.

Certified locators must pass a comprehensive theory assessment and practical field assessment conducted by an industry assessor. Certified Locators will need to present appropriate equipment and demonstrate expertise to use different locating techniques safely and competently to accepted industry standards.

To ensure you are getting the right person for you job, look up your nearest certified locator on the DBYD website.

Does EMF locating have limitations?

EMF Detection has limitations and is not able to detect underground assets that are broken, made of plastic or have a broken trace wire. Accuracy of locating underground assets can become difficult when there are multiple assets close by making the area congested. To prevent any doubt in this scenario, hydro excavation or NDD is recommended to ensure the assets alignment and depth.